Masterbatch Manufacturer

Plast UV - Plast PP UV-04 (Polypropylene)

Special U.V. masterbatches based on hindered amine stabilizers (HALS) with PP resins as carrier. All polyolefin’s HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, PP products in outdoor applications are exposed to UV solar radiations, the energy of this radiation is sufficient to initiate photochemical radiations leading to degradation. In the absence of UV stabilizers polyolefin  products have poor stability. the practical consequences of unchecked exposure to UV radiations are discoloration, surface crazing, and formation of surface micro cracks, embitterment and loss of mechanical properties- tensile strength, elongation and impact strength.  Plast UV Stabilised grade avoid photochemical oxidation by UV radiation which causes fine cracks in the material.

These UV masterbatches can be used in the manufacture of Jumbo bags(FIBCS) Big Bags, Tarpaulins, blow & injection moulded, rotomoulded tanks of  PP Products.

The recommended rate of addition is 1.0-5.0 % with polymer by weight. Loading product is dependent on machine and climatic conditions. There is no reduction in UV stability of the final product when added with any other PLAST Masterbatches. Our active content of UV stabilizers is 10% and 20% HALS UV concentrate masterbatches in PP Carrier with food grade & non food grade approval.
  Guaranteed UV additive, 100% reliable product
  Protect different polymers from UV radiation
  Superior UV protection by use of combination of UV absorber with HALS light stabilizer
  Effective in a wide range of applications and processes
  Improves cloth stability against UV radiation
  Compatible with printing ink
  Extends shelf life of processed material
  Excellent processability