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Modifier Masterbatch Manufacturer (Producer), Supplier, Exporter

Bajaj Superpack has innovated an additive Masterbatch called “Plast Modifier”. It works as processing aid & excellent bonding agent to enhance the properties of PP/ HDPE / LDPE/ LLDPE & Recycled Polymers. It results in increasing various qualities of PP/HDPE woven sacks, Non Wovens, PP/PE carry bags, injection & blow moulded products. Plast Modifier gives smoothness to process without increasing cost of end products. The recommended rate of addition is 2 to 10 % with polymer by weight in different applications. Loading product is dependent on machine and climatic conditions.

Plast Modifier Advantages
Reduces Temperature And Increases Elongation Plast Modifier helps in reducing the resultant temperature of the extruder. By adding Modifier temperature can be reduced in Barrel Zone. It also reduces the carbon formation at die. Plast Modifier enhances strength and elongation compared to incumbent polymers which have limited ability to stretch.

Increases Addition of Filler Master Batch
Plast Modifier does the work of excellent homogeneity and mixing of Polymer with other ingredients. It helps increasing the additional loading of filler Masterbatches (2% to 5%) in formulation dosage.

Reduces the wastage %
It gives smoothness in film even at higher speed in extruder plant and gives good productivity. It reduces the wastage percentage considerably.

Improves Production
Plast Modifier gives better bonding of polymer and CaCO3 masterbatch which reduces the process stress on machine. It enhances the visual looks by making the product more white, Glossy, shiny & lustrous.

Better Dispersion
Plast Modifier gives excellent & homogenous mixing of Polymer & filler Masterbatches results in better dispersion & consistent flow of material. It can be used to improve polymeric properties of recycled materials.

Advantages in HDPE/PP Woven sack, Extrusions & Coating
Plast Modifier works as processing aid and bonding agent to increase the various quality of woven bags and extrusion coating, of PP and HDPE and others polymers. It gives smoothness to process & increases the strength, elongation in low/high deniers, reduces powder formation, increases filler loading & reduces wastage percentage which results in improved quality & reduction in end cost.

Advantages of Plast Modifier .
Highly suitable for Manufacturing low denier tapes & higher output extruder.
Improves strength & surface properties.
Ease of Processing by using Existing Processing Equipment without Modification.
Improves filler loading & reduces cost.
Increases High Stretch Ratio.
Reduces tape breakage & waste %.
Improves printability & enhances processability.
Improves processability in extrusion coating line for down gauging.
increases seam strength, Reduces powder formation.

Advantages in Blown Film Application
Plast Modifier works as processing aid and bonding agent to increase the various quality of Blown film bags, Injection and blow molding products made out of HDPE, LLDPE, LDPE and others polymers. it gives smoothness to process & increases the filler loading which results reduction in end cost.

Advantages of Plast Modifier.
Improves out standing mechanical properties even at higher loading,
Improved opacity of film, Antiblock effect, Improves Elasticity .
Improves filler loading, Reduces TiO2 Masterbatches & Reduces Cost .
Improves bubble stability Faster Cooling
Improves printability & enhances processability.
Reduces tape breakage & waste %.