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Plast Clear - Masterbatch Manufacturer (Producer), Supplier, Exporter

Application & addition rate
Plast clear masterbatches and compounds for the production of Coloured PP & PE tapes for woven fabrics, injection & blow moulding products to impart dimensional stability & to reduce cost. ultra fine talc is used with carrier resin & additives to impart flexibility with improved impact strength. the recommended rate of addition is 15 to 30 % with polymer by weight . Talc filled masterbatches for these applications have been developed after careful consideration of the final properties required in the end products. These are specially formulated by compounding blended polyolefins with micronized talc in compounding extrusion plants.
  Acts as nucleating agent maintains natural clarity of polymer
  An effective anti-blocking agent
  Reduces sticking of film layers
  Improves physical and mechanical properties of the end product
  Improves anti-slip property
  Improves heat resistance
  Anti-fibrillation for woven sack / film stiffness addition
  Anti-blocking effect
  No need to increase colour of masterbatch
  Reduces cost
  Friendly for all polyolefin