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A special masterbatch is designed for Extrusion Coating & Sheet Extrusion,blown film, carry bags, injection and blow moulding products to impart dimensional stability & to reduce cost. The special CaCO3 is used with carrier resin & additives to impart flexibility with improved impact strength. The recommended rate of addition is 15 to 30 % with polymer by weight.

  Improves mechanical properties
  Enhances impact strength and tear resistance of the film
  Reduces wear and tear of the extruder
  Reduces loading of pigment for opacity
  Reduces raw material cost by increasing output
  Maintains uniform back-pressure
  Improves and Maintains most properties of film
  Improves printability and barrier properties
  Facilitates faster cooling of bubble in a blown film
  Imparts bubble stability even at high rate of output
  Provides thermal stability to processed material
  Heat sealing at lower temperature
  Reduces friction making film handling easie