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Plast White - Masterbatch Manufacturer (Producer), Supplier, Exporter

Plast White Masterbatches is produced specially targeting PP/HDPE woven fabrics & sacks application. But owing to its versatility, it is also used for other applications such as cast films, blown films & injection moulding. Plast White offers several benefits and technological advantages. It is extremely cost effective. By adding Plast White Masterbatch the out puts from extrudes found increases resulting into considerable saving on energy charges as well as operating costs.

Plast white is recommended to prevent fibrillation in the raffia tape, which occurs due to very high stretching during the production of tapes. It is usefulness in bringing down the cost of the final product. Fine calcium particles also give whiteness to the fabric which replaces costly white masterbatches.

Plast white premium is the special grade developed for higher output & higher line speed plant upto 600mtr/min. it gives smooth process of polymer in Extruder. It reduces cost, reduces wastage % and also improves the strength & elongation.

Plast White addition with the polymer improves thermal stability and reduces flow variations. It imparts stability to processed tapes.

Plast White is offered in various grades as per the customers different applications & requirements. Plast White also
offered in various tones to give a tinge to the fabric/sack. The recommended rate of addition is 15 to 30 % with polymer
by weight.
  Excellent anti-fibrillations
  Improves control on denier of tapes
  Improves anti-slip property
  Improves tenacity of tapes
  Improves cloth stability
  Improves printability
  Improves heat resistance
  Improves productivity
  Improves whiteness, hence saving of pigment
  Anti-blocking effect
  Less abrasive to extruders and loom parts
  Reduces total cost
  Extends life of screen / filter