Masterbatch Manufacturer

Plast Fil - Masterbatch

Removes roughness, moisture, increases shine in Carry Bags, Improves productivity.

Mr. A is a manufacturer of Carry Bags. Their headquarters is in Chennai, the manufacturer was earlier using 20% filler and 80% polymer but often there were roughness and moisture content found due to improper dispersion of the polymers and less filler loading. Moreover the Carry Bags that were coming out were dull, rough and lacked shine.
Inspired by using our Plast fill & Plast Modifier observed tremendous results. Plast Fill increased the filler loading and decreased the polymer content. By this, he saved his cost spent on polymers and thereby was able to increase the filler loading.

Plast Fill dispersed well with other polymers and eliminated the moisture without using any additional moisture powder. Also, the Carry Bags which came out after processing were shiny. Due to this, the manufacturer is able to reduce his cost and increase his productivity to a massive extent.
• Plast Fill removes roughness in Carry Bags.
• As a result of it, it improves shine in the Carry Bags.
• Also, it reduces cost and thereby, increases productivity.