Masterbatch Manufacturer

Plast PRM & Modifier- Masterbatch for Extrusion Coating

Plast White Prm- Smooth Process & Low Waste % Even at Higher Speed & Higher Output.

One of the our best woven fabric manufacturing customer in Karnataka making PP Cement bags & woven fabric. Earlier the manufacturer was using Local CaCO3 Based filler around 20% and 80% Polymer in Lohia Duotech Plant. They were not getting final Speed above 500 MPM (Minutes Per Minute) & they were facing problem of more tape breakages in their Plant causes higher waste %.
We gave them solution by supplying our Plast White Premium & In spite by using our Plast White Prm they observed tremendous results. Now , the plant is running smoothly on speed upto 600 MPM in Cement Bags by maintaining Quality. Now, their Wastage % is also reduced. Thus they saves their end cost by getting more output & low wastage.

•  Plast White Prm gives smooth processability even at high Line speed.
•  As a result, it improves Productivity.
•  Also, it reduces end cost.

The company today not just saves on its cost; it also manufactures better quality of Non woven fabrics.
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