Masterbatch Manufacturer

VCI Masterbatch Manufacturer (Producer), Supplier, Exporter

Vapour Corrosion Inhibitor’ or ‘Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor’ is commonly chemical formulations to prevent metals and non-metal from corrosion process. We provide VCI Masterbatch in pellet / granules form which is also known as VCI masterbatches or VCI master batch used in product formation as raw materials to improve material goods property.

When a metallic component comes in contact with environment, absorbs moisture and start oxidation process resulting “Corrosion” or “Rusting”. Specially compounded formulation VCI MASTERBATCH protects both ferrous and non-ferrous metals from corrosion. A safe and easy way to improve quality of product without manufacturing process changes. Polyethylene master batches (PE master batch) used for blown film extrusion improves several properties to LDPE, LLDPE, PP or HDPE resins when added in extrusion process.

Almost all industry (VCI tubing film, U-film and sheeting films, VCI Blown Stretch Film, VCI Shrink Film, VCI Corrugated Plastic Containers, VCI Injection Molded Parts and VCI Foam and VCI Bubble Wrap) using VCI master batch in manufacturing process.
How VCI Masterbatches works

When VCI Masterbatch used with polymer in manufacturing process, the resulting Product would have corrosion protection ability. It just creates a protective layer in outer surface of the metal part to prevent corrosion.

Why VCI Masterbatches

The only way to provides effective corrosion protection to products without changing its property and functionality by using non hazardous, user friendly, nitrite & heavy metal free VCI Masterbatches to varied range of polymer system.