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White Masterbatches Manufacturer (Producer), Supplier, Exporter

White masterbatch is a very extensive range of Bajaj Superpack for Extrusion coating, monolayer and multilayer coating, injection molding & blow molding for all polymers. Continuous R&D in Bajaj Superpack has resulted in introduction of new generation White masterbatch for almost all applications and polymers. The recommended rate of addition is 0.5% - 5.0% with polymer by weight. We are having a white masterbatches with different tio2 loading.

Plast Super-40
Very popular with Blow Moulding application. Give good opacity and adds very high brightness to the Products.

Plast Super-50
General purpose white suitable for thick films, Injection, Blow and high end Rotational Moulding.

Plast Super-60
Suitable for films, Injection Moulding, Blow Moulding and high end Rotational Moulding.

Plast Super-70
Our top of line White masterbatches for high end applications like very thin Films, Tapes and blow Moulding. Based on the highest opacity Tio2 available in the market thus a small dosage gives higher opacity compared to Standard grades available in the market.
  Used especially for opacity and whiteness
  Acts as a UV protector
  High thermal stability under processing conditions reduces agglomeration of TiO2.
  Anti-fibrillation for woven sack
  A little addition gives more opacity and whiteness
  Improves heat resistance
  Improves resistance to weather
  Suitable for thin film application